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KlickWay Athletics

Get to know us

Welcome to KlickWay Athletics! Our passion lies in empowering each individual to unlock their full potential. We believe in the transformative power of fitness, and our mission reflects just that: to guide every member towards achieving their personal best through our tailored, result-driven programs. Our team offers unwavering support, ensuring that everyone who walks through our doors feels inspired and welcomed. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, at KlickWay Athletics, you're not just a member – you're family. Dive into our community and discover the difference we bring to the world of fitness.

About Brian Klick

Certified Fitness Trainer and Founder

Growing up in one of New York's toughest neighborhoods, I quickly grasped the importance of not just appearing strong, but genuinely being so. Although the challenges of street life didn't persist after my family relocated to Washington State, they instilled in me a profound sense of mental fortitude, discipline, and an unwavering focus. These values now form the bedrock of our program, propelling our clients to heights they'd never imagined.

My initial years on the West Coast saw a mere necessity of gym life blossom into a fervent passion for all things fitness and nutrition. After obtaining my professional training certifications, a stark reality hit me: many gym trainers prioritized sales over genuine fitness guidance. Seeking a more dedicated setting, I ventured into the world of professional bodybuilding, albeit somewhat naively.

My first foray with a 'professional trainer' was grueling, pushing me into a regimen I instinctively felt was flawed. Despite his misguided approach, my resilience prevailed, and I emerged victorious in my category. That experience ignited a resolve within me: I was determined to ensure that no other athlete would fall victim to such ill-informed guidance. I began coaching my own clients, leading them to international victories in Japan and locally at the Night of Champions in Spokane. These successes set the stage for the birth of KlickWay Coaching.

Today, our ethos is simple yet profound: to offer unparalleled personalized coaching, training, and nutritional guidance in the Northwest. We don't just promise results; we guarantee transformations beyond your wildest expectations.

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